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    Why Right Now is the Best Time to Build Your Dream Home

    Published on May 28, 2014

    May 28, 2014

    Have you always wanted a gourmet kitchen and a walk in wardrobe that features a shoe gallery to rival Carrie’s from Sex and The City?

    You can have this and everything else you’ve always dreamed of by creating your own dream home right now.

    Now is the right time to build your dream home because of a number of different factors. Below we’ll discuss these further and why, after reading them, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t considered building your dream home sooner…

    Build your Dream Home Sooner

    Factor 1 – Low Interest Rates

    In Australia, we are experiencing some of the lowest interest rates even seen. If you have a good deposit saved and have been considering whether to build or buy an existing home, now is the time to seriously consider the option of building a new home, particularly if you’re a first home buyer.

    Factor 2 – First Home Owners (New Home) Grant

    The first home owners grant for those buyers wanting to build a new home is still available but may not be for much longer. Currently, if you want to build a new home, and you haven’t ever owned a house before, you can access this grant, where you’ll be given $15,000 towards the cost of your new home. From January 2016, this amount will lower to $10,000, which is why now is the best time to get in and build your new home now.

    Factor 3 – Great Land Prices

    Historically, we are seeing some of the best land prices available within the NSW regions. Couple that with choosing a house and land package, and you could see yourself saving an extra $5,000 – $10,000 in housing and land costs.

    Factor 4 – Available Trades

    Right now, there is a multitude of trade workers available, which brings the cost of labour down. This won’t last long however, as more and more people realise that building their dream home right now is an actual reality. Choose to build now and you could see your dream home come to fruition within a few months.

    When it comes to building your dream home, experienced builders such as Perry Homes, is key to the success of your home looking and feeling how you’ve always dreamed. Choosing a sub-par builder will leave you with a house that doesn’t even resemble your dreams. Opt to go with experienced builders who know what they are doing and have stringent quality assurance checks in place.

    Contact the team at Perry Homes today to chat with them about your dream home ideas. They’ll work with you do meet as many of your requirements as possible, while also suggesting cost-efficient options along the way.

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