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What You Need To Know About Home Insulation

Published on March 31, 2015

Mar 31, 2015

Keeping an open and transparent dialogue helps us foster a more in-depth relationship with clients and we love to talk to them on various topics ranging from the most attractive house and land packages on the market to the best school in each neighbourhood.

One topic we have been hearing a lot about in the news lately involves the importance of properly insulating your home. Read below to get some valuable insights on this important issue from Perry Homes, one of the top Tweed Coast home builders in the industry.

The importance of insulation

Home insulation helps homes stay warm during the cold winter months and cool during the warmer months.

With the costs of energy and electricity going up each year, insulation helps keep these costs down by helping save energy. Indeed, home insulation is widely considered a requirement for homeowners across Australia.

The different types of insulation for your home

  • Fibre glass: Although this is the most common type of insulation available, it is made of little glass fibres that can be broken off and accidentally inhaled by people. This can potentially create serious breathing problems and damage to the lungs. The good news is that manufacturers have since developed effective ways to make the product much safer to use in homes which is why it is still available in the market.
  • Foam: This type of insulation actually uses spray foam which is initially in liquid form, and then gradually solidifies to fill up the entire wall cavity it is sprayed or poured onto. It is effective in blocking drafts of air and other tight places where most other types of insulation would be deemed ineffective.
  • Cotton: Although you can’t really wear cotton insulation as clothes, it is made from the denim leftovers that manufacturers and textile companies typically throw out. Cotton insulation is sprayed with various chemicals that make it resistant to fire and pests before being installed.
  • Cellulose: As the name implies, this type of insulation is composed of recycled newspaper material, cardboards and paperboards. In fact, the insulation often appears as wet pieces of paper simply lumped together and placed into wall cavities which will eventually act as a surprisingly effective insulating material.

As with all types of materials you are considering insulating your house with, it is recommended you get expert guidance on where and how to install the insulation material for effectiveness and maximum safety. Not only is insulation very environmentally friendly, it will help save on your monthly energy costs as well!

For more information about how to insulate your home, or for our world-class expert advice ranging on virtaully every aspect about your home, contact Perry Homes today for a free consultation today.

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