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    What You Need to Know About Home Demolitions

    Published on May 20, 2015

    Apr 20, 2015

    Turns out, there are actually quite a few good reasons why a home owner would be better off demolishing a home and building a brand new house right from scratch, rather than trying to renovate.

    Read on to find out more about home demolitions and the benefits they could provide to your situation.

    When Does Demolishing a House Make Sense?

    Demolishing a home may be a good option if the home is old and functionally useless. If a home hasn’t aged gracefully, whether due to poor maintenance or even a natural disaster, it may just not be worth the renovation effort or the money involved to bring it up to standard.

    In fact, the only thing of value is pretty much the land these old worn down homes are built on. At that point, the most sensible option would be to use the land to build a brand new house utilising a Queensland display home that is up to current housing standards and regulations.

    Demolishing can be especially useful in crowded neighbourhoods that offer coveted features such as good schools, good public transportation and a general all round good community.

    Partial Demolition Option

    Demolitions are not always done to tear down entire housing structures. In fact, Queensland home builders like Perry Homes may recommend a more tactical approach where certain parts of a house can be torn down, while keeping other areas intact.

    Preserving a certain section of a home, whether it’s a structure that has a special meaning or charm or has no need to be torn down, are some common reasons why partial demolitions are done.

    Requirements to Demolish a Property

    Whether it’s a partial or complete demolition of a home, it’s always a process that carries a certain degree of risk. As such, local building laws and regulations have strict requirements that must be adhered to before any demolition can occur.

    Some of these requirements include:

    • Application for required demolition permits
    • Suspension of utility services such as water and electricity
    • Ensuring public safety and prevention of damage to nearby properties
    • Arranging for proper disposal of the debris caused by the demolition

    As one of the premier Queensland home builders for over 20 years, our team would be more than happy to provide specific guidance on the requirements that must be met if a demolition is something you think might work for your situation.

    Demolitions can usually be accomplished within a few days and offer potential solutions to many difficult construction issues. As shown above, they can help provide the best solution to creating your future dream home.

    For more information on the demolition process and the requirements involved, contact our team at Perry Homes today.

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