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    What to look for when choosing a block of land.

    Published on October 29, 2018

    We have in the past talked about what you choose first.  Is it the block of land or the house design? Let’s say you have decided, to seek out the site of your dream home first.  In part one of our series, we discuss some tips on finding your perfect block of land.

    Choose the location of  your dream block of land

    Most people have an idea of the locality of where they want to create the kind of home which suits their family and lifestyle.  You will have to decide whether you want to purchase a block of land in an established area, or want to buy in a new land estate. If you buy into an established area, then most of the infrastructure you will need will probably already be there.

    Proximity to facilities such as shopping, public transport, childcare and schools are important considerations.  However you should also think about restaurants and other social activities, such as playgrounds, public swimming pools and adventure parks.

    Also consider what employment opportunities may be available in the area.  Most people would prefer to avoid a long, daily commute to work.  Living and working in close proximity where you can utilise public transport, or be only a short drive away, is usually ideal.

    Natural features of the area such as mature trees, bushland, water views or even coastal living is often the dream of most people.  Public gardens, recreational parks, walking and bike tracks, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors close to home.  Whilst you may pay extra to have  these features in your neighbourhood, it will give you an envied lifestyle, that your whole family can enjoy.

    Determine the size of your block of land

    Most new land estates these days, the size of the blocks are getting smaller.  It is not unheard of, to see residential home sites, as small as 400 sqm.  Commonly known as courtyard or narrow lots, these blocks have a frontage of less than 12 metres.  However, unless you are happy to have your dream home take up most of your block with very little garden, then you would probably be looking for something a little bigger.

    Clearly it is not ideal to buy a small block of land, if you want to build a four bedroom home with a large outdoor entertaining area.  Also if you have small children, you may want to have a backyard where they can play and get some outdoor exercise.

    Likewise if you are wanting to include a pool in your dream home, then you must ensure that you have the room. If this is the case, then you ideally need to choose a site with a frontage of around 15 metres.  Often referred to as traditional size blocks, these sites should fit a four bedroom home with a pool.

    However, if you want to build a larger home, or need room to store a boat or caravan,  then you should consider a larger block.  This is where you should be looking at acreage sized blocks, with a frontage of over 18 metres.

    It is important to also consider if there are any easements on the block, which may prevent you from building on any area of your land.  Also, with many new land estates there will be restrictions as to how close you can build to the boundaries.  Always best to check this out, before committing to the purchase.

    Consider the shape of your block of land

    The shape of your block of land, will also determine the design of your home.  Perhaps you want a small front yard, but want a large back yard for a pool and outdoor entertaining.  If this is the case, then a fan shaped block will be ideal.  They can also work well with an irregular form house design.  These shaped blocks are quite often at the end of a cul de sac.

    However, the easiest shape on which to build a new home, will often be a rectangular shape.  This shape will usually have a 12 to 15 metre frontage and a depth of around 27 to 30 metres. Most project home builders, will have a wide choice of home designs, which will fit on this shaped block.

    New home builder Perry Homes, is currently working with a number of land estates. These include Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast, Seacrest Estate near Coffs Harbour and Sovereign Hills in Port Macquarie. There are also a number of house and land packages available. Check out the special packages in these estates as well as Banyan Hills Estate and Sunrise Estate.

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