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    Top 5 Reasons Home Buyers Want a New Home Over a Used Home

    Published on November 13, 2015

    For families looking to get the best value out of their home as they move into the next chapter of their life, they are turning to new, custom homes rather than a used home. New homes come with a wide variety of benefits that make it appealing for many home buyers.

    See why home buyers are choosing Tweed Coast home builders to create their dream home.

    1. Ultimate Customisation

    A new, custom home gives home builders the ultimate level of customisation. When you build a home from the ground up, you get to choose the floor layout, where rooms go, how many bathrooms you get, where the main lighting fixtures go, what colours you use and so much more. Don’t underestimate how much flexibility you get when you decide to build a new home with professional Tweed Coast home builders.

    2. Less Frequent Issues

    With a new home you will have less issues than an older home. Newer homes are built with better materials, more effective tools and more experienced builders. A new home gets all of the benefits of modern technology and advancements in home building techniques. In the end this translates to a stronger and more sturdy home for many decades to come.

    3. Higher Home Efficiency

    When new homes are built, they are also designed and constructed with efficiency in mind. Architects and builders are far more educated about efficiency-related characteristics in a home, such as airflow, insulation, lighting, heating and cooling and more. A more efficient home is one that will cost less to heat, cool and keep lit.

    4. Advanced Technologies

    As technology improves in our world, these technologies are also introduced into homes as they are built. Unfortunately, this means that older homes may not be able to enjoy the benefits of modern technology that requires installation during construction. Although most technologies can be installed afterward, some may require installation during the home’s construction to be the most effective and cost efficient.

    5. Higher Safety Ratings

    A new, custom built home has the opportunity to enjoy higher safety standards. There are numerous improvements to home safety that can be utilised in a new home. Environment friendly air conditioning and heating, natural and safe building materials in the walls, cabinets, carpets and more and motion sensing garage doors are just a few examples of how a new home can become much safer.

    Looking to find a new place to settle down? Why not start the next chapter of your life with a custom built home? You have the ultimate level of customisation to create the home of your dreams. Contact us today with all of your questions!

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