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    Tips to style your home for spring on a budget.

    Published on September 21, 2018

    The days are getting longer and the sun is just a little warmer.  Do you want to cast away the winter blues? Here are some tips to style your home for spring.  They will brighten your home, without costing you a mortgage payment.

    Style your home for spring with flowering plants

    Nothing says more about spring than fresh flowers.  We know that putting a flower arrangement into your home every week can be very expensive.  However there are many flowering plants around which come to life around this time of year.  Why not have a look around your garden for inspiration?  Whilst we are not advocating pinching the roses from your neighbour’s garden, you may find something on your street as you pass by in the morning.

    When it comes to the urge to style your home for spring, why not buy a flowering potted plant such as an orchid, African violet or peace lily?  These potted plants provide beautiful blooms to brighten your home.  They also have the advantage of lasting a long time.

    Have you thought about growing your own flowers?  Daffodils, tulips, iris and sweet peas are easy to grow.  A beautiful Rhododendron shrub, makes an impressive display in the garden. When picked, all these also look beautiful in a vase. When you want to style your home for spring, everyday flowers look just as pretty as a bought bouquet.

    Style your home for spring with foliage

    If you can’t find or grow flowers, have you thought about interesting leaves to style your home for spring?  There are some beautiful plants around with lovely architectural looking leaves.  These make a great statement to any home, and are really on trend at the moment. Better still, you are sure to find them in your garden and they won’t cost you a cent.

    Smaller leaves such ferns can look great in a bathroom, kitchen or bedside table.  To style your home for spring, larger leaves such as monstera and palm leaves really make an impact.  Pop them in a vase on your dining table, or even in a larger container on the floor and see how great they look.

    Style your home for spring with floor rugs, cushions & throws

    Speaking of floors, now is the time to put away that heavy woolen floor rug. To style your home for spring, try searching out a bright patterned rug.  There are some really beautiful rugs with leaf and flower motifs which will add interest to your living rooms.  A beautiful butterfly or flower rug is sure to clear away the winter blues in your bedroom.

    Spring is the time to pack away your warm and cosy throws and textured cushions too.  Consider looking for bright colourful cushions  with leaves and flowers, which reflect the new season.  A lighter throw on your lounge is still a good idea, for when the nights have a little chill in the air.  A lighter wool or even a cotton throw will still add colour and texture to your lounge suite.

    Style your home for spring with pretty bed linen

    It is easy to style your home for spring in the room where you sleep. Changing up your bed linen will give your bedroom a needed lift to see in the warmer months.  Gone for the year, is the need to have a heavy quilt.  Pack away that beautiful velvet bed cover and seek out something lighter and brighter.  The array of beautifully designed bed linen available, is sure to give you inspiration for your bedroom.  Cast away the winter blues and bring on bright cheerful colours with contrasting throws and cushions.

    Style your home for spring with bathroom accessories

    As with the bedroom, it is easy and cheap to change up your bathroom when you want to style your home for spring.  The dark towels can be stored and think about some brighter towels to add a touch of vibrancy to your bathroom.  As with bed linen, think light and bright.  A beautiful array of accent towels, will freshen even the drabbest of bathrooms.

    What about including a small vase of flowers or interesting leaves to pop on the vanity?  A beautiful indoor plant cascading over the bathroom cabinet or even a lovely fiddle leaf fig will look fabulous.  These are so on trend at the moment, and will make your bathroom sing in the spring.

    Style your home for spring with diffuses & candles

    A final touch to style your home for spring, is to add the fragrance of spring to every room.  This is a cheap and cheerful way to cast away the shadows of the winter and welcome the warmer months. Reed diffuses and candles are available in an abundance of beautiful scents.  Why not try Sweet Pea and Jasmine or French Pear?  There is even one available called “The Smell of Spring” !

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