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    Tips on getting your home ready for Christmas

    Published on November 30, 2018

    The Christmas decorations are already up in most shopping centres. There are a lot of people who have already started their Christmas shopping.  Are you one of those, or like me, have not even thought about it?  Are you starting to panic about all the things that need to be done in the next four weeks?

    Don’t despair, if you are thinking about getting your home ready for Christmas, here is a list to get you organised.

    • Spring Clean
    • Declutter
    • Be organised
    • Don’t forget the outdoors

    Whether you are entertaining a cast of thousands, or just having a few guests over for a casual meal.  Everything will go more smoothly if you are organised.  Preparation is the key to getting your home ready for Christmas.  This will ensure you have a relaxed holiday to enjoy with your family and friends.

    Spring cleaning – did you do it?

    home and land packages sunshine coastChristmas is a time we all seem to get loads of visitors.  Most people like to have their home looking spic and span when that happens.  However, did you fail to do that spring clean you said you were going to do?  Well now is the time to stop procrastinating and do it.

    When getting your home ready for Christmas, you should start with the most obvious places.  That is the rooms which get the most use over the holidays.  This is usually the family room and kitchen.  Take this opportunity to give your furniture a good clean.  Give your lounge suite a thorough vacuum around all the seating areas, where dust and crumbs usually hide.  If you have leather or timber furniture, give it a good clean and polish.  Whilst you are doing this, move the furniture and clean under it, you may be surprised what you will find!

    Your curtains and blinds could also do with a wash, so take advantage of the warm sunny days to get this done.  When the curtains or blinds have been taken down, give your windows and screens a good wash too.

    Declutter and make room

    If you take a look around your home, it often is overtaken by “stuff”.  In most households Christmas is a time when you are inundated with more “stuff”.  The presents under the tree will hold a bounty of children’s toys, more hand creams and body lotions, perhaps new glasses and serving platters.  Before you go out and buy or receive as gifts more, it is always a good idea to start with organising what you already have at home.

    • Start with the fridge

    When getting your home ready for Christmas, there are a number of places you can work on.  Maybe the first place is the fridge. This will be used significantly over the holiday period and space is often at a premium.  Start by taking everything out of the fridge and give all  the inside, shelves and fruit and vegetable crispers a thorough clean.  Use warm soapy water and rinse well.  To keep your fridge fresh, a final rinse with water and a few drops of vanilla will remove any lingering odours.  Placing a small bowl with some Bicarbonate of Soda on a shelf, will do the same.

    Next go through all the food, bottles and packages you have taken out.  If there is anything out of date or you have not used in a while – throw it out.  Be strict with yourself here, as you want to free up as much space as possible.  Remember the Christmas turkey and ham take up heaps of room! When you have culled as much as you can, clean all the bottoms of the bottles before placing back into the fridge.

    • Follow up with the pantry

    When you have finished this job, the next place to go is the pantry.  Again throw out anything out of date.  This will also give you the opportunity to take stock on what you have in there.  You will then know if you already have brown sugar, self-raising flour and pine nuts, if you are intending doing some Christmas baking.  This will save you money before you head to the shops for the Christmas food buying.

    Once you have achieved all this, you will have a real since of satisfaction.  You are on your way to being prepared to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.  But wait, you are not done yet.  In the coming weeks there will be another post on more tips for getting your home ready for Christmas.

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