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    Tips on choosing a new home builder in NSW – Part 1

    Published on August 10, 2018

    There are hundreds of decisions you need to make when choosing a new home builder in NSW. You want to be satisfied in the knowledge, that you have done everything to choose a builder you can trust, to build your dream home.  In this first of two part series, we list a couple of the most important things you need to consider.

    new home builder in NSW

    Price of Home

    We know that for most people, the actual price of buying a new home is important.  Everyone has a budget that they want to stick to. However as with most things, you should never let this be the most determining factor.  The quality of the home, the finishes and inclusions will long be remembered after the price is forgotten.  It is important when choosing a new home builder in NSW, that you also consider other factors as well.

    new home builder in NSW - quality designQuality of finished product

    When choosing a new home builder in NSW, the quality of the finished home should always be paramount.  Whilst all licensed builders are required by law to provide a warranty, everyone wants to have a home they can be proud of.  When you walk through your brand new home, you want to be satisfied that all the little things have been done in the most professional manner.

    When choosing a new home builder in NSW you should always choose quality over price. 

    Qualifications and Reputation

    A recent survey suggests that for most people, a builders’ qualifications and reputation, is one of the most important factors when deciding on a builder.  You should always check the building company’s building licence. This can easily be done by going to The Office of Fair Trade in NSW.

    With many decisions we make in life, we often put trust in the opinions of people we know.  Seeking recommendations, from friends and family who have built a new home before, is also a good idea.  Reputation and referral is important to help you decide on choosing a new home builder in NSW a little easier.

    Here are a number of other ways you can choose the most qualified and respected new home builder In NSW:

    1. How long the company has been in business;
    2. The number of industry housing awards they have won;
    3. The quality of the homes they have on display;
    4. Financially secure company, which ensures all their tradespeople are paid.

    Selection of house designs

    We know that just over 30% of people already have their New home design - new home builder in NSWland, before they start looking for a new home builder.  We also know that around 20% have already chosen their house design.  Whichever way you start the process, it is important that you choose the right house design to suit your family’s needs.

    When choosing a new home builder in NSW, most people will visit a builder’s display village.  Here you will have the opportunity to view many house designs on display.  You will also probably receive a professionally designed book with most of the builder’s standard portfolio of plans. These are always great tools to compare builders.

    If you choose a standard plan which suits your family’s needs and lifestyle, then you can expect you will receive a competitive quote.  This is because with the economies of scale you get with a larger building company.   They are able to buy all the materials at a reduced price and will often pass these savings on to their clients.

    However, you may already have an idea of the house design you want.  This design may not necessarily be readily available.  When choosing a new home builder in NSW, you should ensure you are able to get exactly what you want.  Therefore it is important to choose a company who is happy to modify their designs, to meet your individual needs.

    If you are looking for a new home builder in NSW, Perry Homes is one of Australia’s most respected in the building industry.  They have achieved a reputation for building quality homes at a price you can afford.  Why not visit one of the display homes to see for yourself.  Click here to locate a display home near you.

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