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    Tips on choosing a new home builder in NSW – Part 2

    Published on September 14, 2018

    Here we finish one of our previous stories on tips for choosing a new home builder in NSW.  We previously discussed a number of decisions you need to make when choosing a new home builder in NSW.  Some of what we talked about included.

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Qualifications & Reputation
    • House Designs

    Now, here are a number of other factors which will determine your choice of new home builder in NSW.

    Where they build

    Obviously not all builders are the same.  There are some smaller builders who only build a couple of homes a year in a very limited area.  There are also larger building companies, who build hundreds of homes, in a number of different states and regions.  When it comes to choosing a new home builder in NSW, obviously choosing a builder who operates in the area you wish to build, will have a distinct advantage.

    So what are the benefits of these two different types of builders?  The smaller builder who operates in the area you wish to build can have a more personal approach to the construction of your new home.  They may build a home which is specifically and uniquely designed for you.  However all this comes at a cost and smaller builders will charge a premium for this customised approach.

    Alternatively, a large project home builder who operates in a wide geographical area has a number of advantages.  These include having access to a large number of different tradespeople, which could potentially save time in the construction process.  They are also able to buy materials at a reduced cost due to economies of scale. This cost saving is usually passed onto the client.  A larger company usually has a larger operation in terms of administration, estimating, design team and purchasing.  All this experience and expertise should always work in favour of the client.


    When you consider the price of the home, you should also be taking into account what is included in that price.  It will appear that every builder has a different set of inclusions.  When choosing a new home builder in NSW, it is very important that you compare “apples with apples”.

    One of the largest expense in a new home build, after the base house price, is the site work costs.  You will find that some builders include this in their quote.  Other builders might include an “allowance”, whilst others might not include it at all.  When comparing quotes take extra care to ensure you know exactly the amount included for site costs.

    Again, when examining your builders quote, check to see if they have included the facade you have chosen.  Some builders may only give you the base house price and the façade is extra.  Here are a list of other inclusions you should be aware of when comparing a builder’s quote:

    • Floor coverings – both tiles and carpet
    • Flyscreens
    • Driveway, paths, porch and outdoor terrace area
    • TV Antenna, letterbox and clothesline
    • Number of room lights, light switches and power points

    These are all items often overlooked when you are looking at inclusions.  However, they often can add up to a considerable cost when comparing a final quote.

    Perhaps, if you have not built a new home before, it may be easier to look at a house and land package.  Many larger builders work with land developers and put together a package which includes everything for a fixed price.  Perry Homes has a number of house and land packages available, which will give you a good idea of what you can afford for your budget.


    Last, but certainly not the least, is consideration to communication.  Often the key to a smooth construction process is the interaction between the builder and client.  When good communication has been established, then any potentially stressful situation can be eased and diminished or extinguished quickly.

    This is just as important at the beginning of the process of choosing a new home builder in NSW, as it is at the final stage, when handing over the keys.  When speaking with a number of different builders you will quickly know if you are able to exchange ideas easily.

    To start your search for a new home builder in NSW, check here to see if there is a Perry Homes display home near you.

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