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    Tips on winter styling your home for a warm and cosy ambience.

    Published on June 21, 2018

    Have you noticed how cold it is starting to get in the mornings?  Do you want to change up your home to feel a little cosier?  Here are some tips on winter styling which can help you do this, without breaking the bank.

    Well, we are half way into June the first month of winter and we are already seeing temperatures drop.  Many of us too, tend to spend more time indoors when it starts to get colder.  Instead of turning on the heater, have you considered other ways to give you a warmer ambience in your home?   You may be looking around your home and wonder how to refresh your home with some winter styling.  Here are some tips on achieving a cosy atmosphere on a budget.

    The key to achieving this is to look at your soft furnishings and lighting.  Typically you will want to create a warm ambience with winter styling in the rooms you spend the most time in – your living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Items to consider include:

    • Floor Rugs
    • Textured Throws
    • Plush cushions
    • Warm lighting – bedside lamps  heat lamps in bathroom
    • Candles
    • Fluffy towels – thick bathmats

     Winter Styling your Living Room

    In summer we relish the easy maintenance of tiled floors in our living rooms.  However when the thermometer drops, we often look for something to keep our homes a little warmer.  Instead of turning on the heater consider a large textured rug to keep your toes warm.  Look for beautiful Flokati wool rugs in neutral colours, or even natural cow hides which will enhance any décor in your living room.

    There is nothing better than to curl up in front of the television on a cold winters day and binge watch your favourite show.  We all know how good it feels to be tucked up under a nice warm rug.  There are so many beautiful throws available now to keep your toes toasty. Consider winter styling with a lush cable knit in soft natural hues.  What about luxurious mohair or wool?  If you don’t want to extend to this, there are so many inviting polar fleeces on the market today.  These will all ensure you are snug all winter long.

    Winter Styling your Bedroom

    As with your living spaces, the inclusion of plush, soft furnishings in your bedroom will add a warm ambience.  Here you can go a bit crazy with cushions and throws for your bed.  The lush feel of a velvet bedhead and foot stool will bring a touch of luxury and ensure a restful night.

    Contemporary interior designers are also including a mix of velvet, faux fur and shaggy cushions.  You should blend a mix of complimentary colours and textures to bring cosy winter styling to your bedroom. Don’t forget about a lovely sheepskin rug for the floor too.

    There is nothing like the warm glow of a scented candle to give a delightful ambience to any room.  This is especially relevant where the fragrances of cinnamon, amber, pine and all spice will transform your bedroom into a cosy warm peaceful haven.

     Winter Styling your Bathroom

    The bathroom is one room we can really benefit from winter styling.  Given the very nature of this room, it can be one place where we can really feel the cold.  But don’t be concerned, there are many ways to create a warm ambiance without spending too much money.

    A fluffy, thick, warm towel will always be welcomed on a cold winter’s morning.  It is easy to ensure your towels are kept soft and fluffy.  Firstly do not use fabric softener as this will reduce the absorbency.  Take them off the line before they are completely dry and finish them off in the dryer. This will fluff them up and give them a real luxurious feel.

    A couple of small electrical ideas you could also consider for winter styling your bathroom.  Not as expensive as you may think, a heated towel rail will provide luxurious warm towels as you step out of the shower.  This will also help get those towels dry in no time.  Have you thought of changing your bathroom light to include a heat lamp?  Even just changing the light bulbs in your bathroom from cool white to warm white will completely change the ambience of this room.

    As you can see with just a few small additions to your home décor, it is easy to transform your home to create a warm and inviting ambience without breaking the budget.

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