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    Questions to Ask When Buying or Building a Home in Queensland

    Published on May 19, 2015

    May 19, 2015

    Consider the questions below before you make the decision to buy or build a specific home in the Queensland area.

    What’s our budget?

    Having a budget is an important practice to have if you want to live a stress free life.

    Make sure that you know what your budget is and how a new home fits into it. You’ll need to factor in the monthly cost, maintenance costs, repairs, future additions, and many more.

    It may benefit you to look into our house and land packages to get an idea of the cost associated with buying or building a new home in Queensland.

    How much time do we have?

    If you’re moving to Queensland and need to be settled in a home in a matter of weeks or months, then building a custom home is not going to be a recommended decision.

    Buying a home, when you don’t have as much time to afford building one, is going to be a better option, unless you decide to stay in an apartment for the duration of your home construction.

    What are the needs of our family?

    Before buying or building a home, you should be well aware of the specific needs or wants of your family. From the number of rooms, colours of the walls, desired furnishings, entertainment, outdoor pools, fencing to so many more customisation options, make sure that you have a good understanding of what’s important for your family for the years to come.

    Where do we want to live?

    Knowing where you want to live can help with the home or land selection process. Think about your specific needs or the desires of your family.

    • How close do you want to be the sea?
    • Do you need to be close to a local school for your children?
    • Is going out and seeing the city an important part of your lifestyle?
    • Do you want to be within walking distance of specific activities?
    • These are just a few of many questions you’ll want to ask yourself about the location of your home.

    I want to see what a home with my preferences will look like

    Once you have a good idea of what you want, what your budget is and have decided between buying or building a home, you can check out our Queensland display homes to get an idea of what our professionally developed homes will look like.

    Our house and land packages offer you the flexibility of choosing either a pre-existing home or the option of building the perfect home from scratch.

    Give us a call today at Perry Homes to schedule a visit to one of our Queensland display homes!

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