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    Narrow block house designs

    Published on July 19, 2018

    It is quite clear that finding available flat land on which to build your dream home, is getting more difficult.  Many land developers are trying to squeeze as many blocks as they can out of new land estates.  Whilst some offer traditional sized lots, the majority are all narrow blocks. So let’s talk about  narrow block house design and all the considerations you need to be aware of.

    narrow block house design specialists Perry homes

    So, where do you start?  Do you choose your block of land first, or choose your house design? Have you fallen in love with that estate that is close to everything?  It has all the transport facilities and the childcare and schools you need.  Or do you have specific needs in what you want for your dream home?  It appears that everyone has a different approach.  So let’s start with choosing your narrow block house design first.

    Factors you must consider when choosing a narrow block house design

    • How many bedrooms
    • Number of living areas
    • Single or double garage
    • Building covenants

    Most people looking to build a new home already seem to know what they want in a narrow block house design.  You will have an idea of how many bedrooms you require for your family.  Do you want plenty of space to relax and so need two living areas?  It is often hard to fit a double garage on a narrow block house design, but not impossible.

    Another consideration you must take into account when choosing a narrow block house design, are the building covenants of each land estate.  These building covenants are guidelines on what the developer will allow you to build.  Sometimes contained in these covenants are the side boundary setbacks.  Before making the final decision on your narrow block house design, be sure to check you comply with any of these building covenants. 

    A selection of narrow block house designs

    New home builder NSW Perry Homes, has recently introduced a large range of narrow block house designs.  Most of these new home designs, starting from 7.46 metres wide, will fit perfectly on many narrow blocks.  Here are just a selection on offer:

    narrow block house designsBreeze

    One of the smallest narrow block house design in the Perry Homes portfolio is the Breeze.  With a frontage of only 7.46 metres, this plan has been designed specifically for the very smallest blocks available.  This plan is one of the latest introduced into the Perry Homes portfolio.  With three bedrooms, this narrow block house design has been designed to offer exceptional value for money.



    First home buyers and investors will be inspired by this narrow narrow block new house designblock house design.  The Seca has been specifically planned for functionality, resulting in contemporary versatile home. This three bedroom, single garage home has a frontage of 7.46 metres and is 16.43 metres in depth.  There is also another version which includes a double garage with a frontage of just 10.56 metres.


    narrow block home designGenesis

    Currently on display on the Sunshine Coast, the Genesis is proof you can build a stylish home on a narrow block. If you want a compact yet spacious home with a frontage of just 8.65 metres, then this is the home for you.  Featuring a number of contemporary features, this home has been meticulously planned to impress from both the inside and out.




    With a seamless blend of space and style, the Solis features both formal and informal living spaces.  The functionality and versatility is evident in the three, four and five bedroom variations of plans.  The 11.21 metre frontage is the same for the three designs.  It is just the depth that varies. A design which showcases the epitome of modern living, the Solis is designed to meet the needs of a growing family.


    However, if you want low maintenance living, in a narrow block house design, but can’t find exactly what you want, then look no further.  New home builder Perry Homes have a team of designers who can custom design your dream home.

    If you are looking for a narrow block house design from a builder you can trust, you should call into one of their many display homes.

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