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Benefits of Building a New Home in Northern NSW

Published on March 28, 2014

May 28, 2014

Northern NSW home builder, Perry Homes, are huge advocates of building a new house – obviously is because it’s what they do.

But there are many benefits to a new homeowner when it comes to choosing to build a home, particularly in NSW where first home buyers can access the first home owners (new homes) grant.

With the recent budget announcement, owning a home is a far better vehicle to achieve financial security in your retiring years than investing extra funds into your superannuation fund.

New House Benefits

  • If you choose to build with northern NSW home builder like Perry Homes, you can access innovative home designs and access a wider range of land sizes than any other home builder in the area. This makes building a new home a much easier option.
  • Although there are ranges of display homes you can choose from, you can still build a new home to suit you and your family. This is probably the most important benefit of building a new house – the ability to make it into what you want.
  • You’ll save on energy and water efficiency through building. This will lower your overall cost of living.
  • Access new appliances that will save money on your household bills because they are designed with the latest in energy saving technology.
  • Because of the strict building codes in NSW, your home will be built to these standards and above, providing you and your family with safe and sound construction, ventilation, fire safety and insulation.
  • You’ll find that once your new home is completed, the maintenance to upkeep the house will be much lower than with an older home. There will be less repairs required and depending on the materials and landscaping options you choose, your maintenance should also be less. This gives you time to spend with your family instead.
  • If you choose a house and land package on one of our new communities, you’ll gain access to better services and meet people who are at the same life stage as you, increasing safety, awareness and overall happiness.

Building a home is a great way to secure your future, especially if you have a young family. Once you’ve had your home for a number of years and built in some equity, you’ll be able to look at options of property investment to further secure your financial future.

Before taking on any type of investment, you should always seek the expertise of a financial advisor.

Northern NSW home builders, Perry Homes, are here to help you create the home that you want. Get in touch with them today by calling 07 5569 9400.

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