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    Finding Your Perfect Home and Land Package

    Published on September 4, 2014

    Sep 4, 2014

    Northern NSW homebuilders, Perry Homes, have been proving the best house and land packages to satisfied customers across NSW for over 20 years. Their in-depth industry knowledge and experience makes their staff experts on all aspects of home-land packages. They strive to put their customer’s interest first by having a commitment to quality and service above all else.

    What is a House and Land Package?

    A house and land package is a term often used by homebuilders that consists of a specified plot of land and a new home, which is built on this land. They offer various benefits to customers looking for the right combination of a home and the type of land they are looking to live on.

    How to Decide on the Right House and Land Package

    Understanding how house and land packages work and what it entails is the best way to make an informed decision about the countless options available in the market.

    Starting out with some basic market research is always a good idea so you can discuss the pricing details with agents.

    For example, you can start by comparing the price differences between luxury and budget houses, determine what makes up the real difference and that way you’ll have some sort of benchmark to compare any prices you hear during negotiations.

    Details to Discuss With a Local Home Builder

    • Needs and budget: It’s important for your agent to be informed of your particular budget and housing needs. This way, whatever options they research and show you will be directly aligned to what you’re looking for and can afford.
    • During negotiations, make your preferences known: at this stage of your discussions with the agent, you should stress any particular design or layout you are looking for, as many home builders, like Perry Homes, offer customised options to their clients.
    • Talk money: Once you feel you have decided on the perfect house and land package, be sure to discuss all the finer details regarding the financing so you can protect yourself from any unpleasant hidden costs in the future.

    These tips are a great way to start your discussion with a home builder’s agent. Begin your dream of owning the perfect home and contact Perry Homes now for a free consultation and discussion on all your house and land package needs.

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