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    Tips on deciding what cooling solutions are best for a more energy efficient home

    Published on April 19, 2018

    We have already discussed a number of ideas on how to plan and build an energy efficient home.  But what about giving consideration to keeping that home cool?

    Most of us are accustomed to long hot summers in our Australian environment.  However there are days when we do find comfort in some form of cooling system.  There are so many products on the market today which can be used to cool your home.   However, choosing the right installation for an energy efficient home can be confusing. So what is the best solution for your family?

    Given the high cost of energy bills these days, we all want to save wherever we can.  It is important to do some research on what energy efficient products are available on the market today.  To ensure you maximise your savings, here are a number of ideas to consider when deciding on how to cool your energy efficient home.

    • Ceiling Fans

    If you want to build an energy efficient home, ceiling fans are an effective and cheap solution.  There are a number of new products on the market which have maintained the popularity of these appliances.

    Ceiling fans with sleek timber blades have become stylish inclusions into Hamptons and beach style homes.  Fans with DC motors and LED lights are ensuring these appliances are even more energy efficient.

    To provide cooling comfort to our home, ceiling fans are usually installed into bedrooms as well as living areas.  Whilst ceiling fans are not as efficient as air-conditioners they are considerably cheaper to run.  On average it costs about $15 a year for each fan installed.  The size of the fan, the speed setting and how often it is used, will obviously determine the running cost.

    • Air Conditioners

    It is becoming more common now, to install air-conditioning units into our energy efficient homes.  Whilst this was once thought of as a luxury appliance, the initial cost has now become more affordable for most families.  The important factor to remember is reducing the ongoing costs in your energy efficient home.

    A major advantage with installing an air-conditioning system is that it offers dual benefits.  Most air-conditioners provide an effective way to cool your home as well as offering cosy heating when the temperature drops.

    There are several types of air-conditioning systems on the market today.  It is important if you want to build an energy efficient home, that you investigate which one is suitable for your family.   You should consider the layout of your house and the size of the rooms, before making a decision on which type is the best, if you want an energy efficient home. Here are the two most common types of air-conditioners

    • Ducted system

    Installed in the roof cavity, this is an integrated system of insulated ducts.   Connected to one compressor unit, this system provides a temperature controlled environment to the whole house. As most of the components are located between the ceiling and the roof. it is much better if this system is installed during the construction of your home.

    • Split system

    A split air-conditioning system utilizes a large air outlet usually located on an internal wall and a compressor located externally.  Each air outlet will have a separate compressor.  This means that if you wanted to use this system in multiple rooms, then you would need space for the same number of compressors.

    It is important that when buying your unit, you consider the size of the room for which it is to be used.  For an energy efficient home, it is best to install a smaller unit in each room instead of trying to cool many rooms with the one unit.  As with ducted air-conditioners, a reverse cycle unit can also provide heating as well as cooling.

    Air-conditioners are without doubt the most effective way to cool or heat your home. However if it is not sweltering temperatures outside, then using a ceiling fan will certainly reduce your power consumption.

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