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    Decorating tips for a Hampton style home.

    Published on October 19, 2018

    It seems that the Hampton look is all in vogue at the moment.  Every magazine you pick up, or home renovation show you watch, all are featuring this coastal look.

    The upmarket Hamptons region is located near Long Island, New York. Offering some of the most expensive real estate, this seaside area is popular with the rich and famous.  A Hampton style home is a combination of casual and relaxed, cleverly mixed with style and sophistication.   Obviously, this style of home is well suited to the Australian lifestyle, especially in the coastal areas.

    So how do you achieve this style, when choosing the colours for your new home? There are many ways to replicate the look without costing a fortune.  Let’s start with the outside:

    External styling for a Hampton style home

    • Colour scheme

    Most Hampton style homes will feature a light colour palette.  This is usually the colours of white and pale grey.  These base colours can then be highlighted with a deeper grey and sometimes even with black accents.  However, it is important when choosing a colour scheme to stick to the “cool colours”.  That is cool whites and blue based greys, are tones you should look for.

    Weatherboard cladding

    Most Hampton style homes feature external cladding.   Weatherboards are oh so trendy at the moment.  New home builder Perry Homes, like to use Hardies Linea weatherboard.  This product is resistant to shrinking and swelling and will maintain its appearance for much longer than timber.  Made from lightweight materials, it is also resistant to termites, rot and fire.

    Interior styling for a Hampton style home


    If you are trying to achieve a Hampton style home, the kitchen will usually be one of the most important rooms to get this look.  Consequently, it can also be the most expensive room to fitout.  Most Hampton style kitchens feature timber cabinetry with metal handles.  However the same look can be achieve with a laminate or even polyurethane cabinets in a matt or satin finish.  Always go for white or very pale grey to achieve the coastal look.

    Another way to get the result you are looking for is to consider your splashbacks.  Whilst marble works well in very expensive kitchens, you can also achieve the same with tiles.  Popular white subway tiles with white grout will also bring in the Hampton style you want to achieve.


    Whilst low profile down lights have been popular for a long time, big and bold pendants will work for your Hampton style home.  Incorporate these into your lighting scheme in the kitchen, dining room and lounge areas – the larger the better.   Forget the bedside table light and install drop pendants from the ceiling for your bedroom too.   However, always remember to consider scale and balance with lighting, especially in smaller rooms such as a bedroom.

    You can soften the pale colour scheme and bring warmth and texture to your rooms by using timber, rattan or any other natural material.  Large dome lights in a metal finish will also achieve the look.

    Soft furnishings

    A relaxed coastal style is fairly simple to achieve with soft furnishings.  To soften the stark whites and greys add natural materials such as cane, timber and bamboo. It doesn’t matter if you prefer dark or light tones in these natural materials, you will get the look with either.

    Natural fabrics such as linen and washed cotton are what you should be looking for in bed linen.  Mix and match colours with the basics being white or flax.  You can add some colour with blues and charcoal or even a touch of seafoam.  Push this style through to a textured cushion and throw for a relaxed bedroom style.

    Soft flowing curtains, such as a sheer voile, or even draping linen on your windows will have you believing you are living by the sea.   However, if curtains are not your thing, plantation shutters will complete the look, on your Hampton style home.

    Don’t forget to add some of your treasured memories to give a personal touch to your home.  Photographs of family holidays by the sea, that beautiful shell you collected, and even a bright beach towel will have you thinking of your next beach holiday.

    Indoor plants

    Nothing says casual seaside living more, than a beautiful palm incorporated into the interior design. Use indoor plants wherever you can, to get that laid back, always on holiday, look.   It is best to choose plants that can tolerate less light and water.  Pop them in a beautiful natural jute basket and your Hampton style home is complete.





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