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    Common Mistakes that Amateur Home Builders Make

    Published on February 10, 2015

    Feb 10, 2015

    The competition among NSW home builders is fiercer now than it has ever been, yet many amateur home builders keep making the same costly mistakes that carry a negative impact to their clients.

    From poor market research to not having a clearly defined strategy and goal, here are some of the most common mistakes amateur homebuilders make so you know what to look at for!

    • Poor market research: Just like any major investment you make, there are risks associated with building homes. You can make a fortune buying properties and selling them for profit. Likewise, the market may go against you and you could potentially lose everything and you could end up in debt for a long time.
      Successful home builders like Perry Homes know the importance of taking the time to fully analyse the risk and reward scenarios for all the property markets we work with. We like to know what the current prices and tax implications of buying properties is like in the area you work in, as should any competent home builder you work with.
    • Overcrowding the house with bedrooms: Sometimes, more does not equal better and houses with too many rooms will not necessarily mean it will be valued more. Home buyers enjoy having many rooms, but they typically enjoy a house with more space. So instead of adding rooms that will end up as box-like storage rooms, think of efficient designs that improve the quality of life in a home.
    • Being too cheap: There is a big difference between finding cost-effective solutions versus being cheap. Although you might be a with first-time home buyer, it doesn’t mean you won’t notice cheap materials used in a house.
      Professional home builders invest in making properties look great by always using quality material. With experience, they learn how to get the good material at reduced prices so they retain their reputation of always building quality homes at affordable prices.
    • Chasing the quick bucks: One of the biggest mistakes that amateur home builders make is thinking more about the money to be made rather than providing excellent service to home buying prospects. Rushing through the home buying process may open up opportunities to make mistakes for both the home builder and the client.
      At Perry Homes we take a long-term view on our business and relationships with our clients. Our detailed home-buying process gives clients the comfort that we have a solid process and are interested in providing them with a great home buying experience.

    Our knowledgeable staff provide friendly service and take the time to make sure you feel comfortable with buying the home of your dreams. Contact Perry Homes today and find out why we are recognised as the best Northern NSW home builders in the business.

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