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    Colour and Style Trends for 2019

    Published on February 22, 2019

    New home builder Perry Homes have just opened two new display homes to the public in Sandy Beach Coffs Harbour.  Professionally styled, these two homes showcase the anticipated style trends for 2019.

    Exterior facades and streetscaping trends

    Last year, we saw a resurgence in the “Hamptons” style of home design.  Think relaxed coastal living.   This style typically features a combination of exterior finishes. However, one feature which is the most predominant is weatherboard cladding.

    We will also continue to see exposed brick and natural timbers featuring in the exterior finishes of homes.   Of course, a render finish with its easy maintenance will continue to remain popular.   Impress your friends with a mix and match combination of all these finishes, to create your own unique style, for the exterior of your home.

    Colour and style trends for 2019

    The Hamptons area on the eastern coast of the United States, is where New Yorker’s go to holiday. So this design typically features a light coastal colour palette and will dominate the style trend for 2019. Think both dark and pale greys, white washed and distressed timbers and you will be on target.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little by adding in some grey based blues as well t further develop that coastal theme.

    Whilst neutral tones will always remain in vogue, expect to see whites and greys combined with striking matt black.  This will be especially evident in kitchens and bathrooms where this colour combination will have the most impact. Matt black will also remain strong for tapware and accessories.

    The Pantone colour of 2018 was Ultraviolet so we saw a lot of jewel colours in sapphire blues, ruby reds and emerald greens.   Last year we also saw softer shades of dusty pink, turquoise and seafoam feature. However this year the Pantone colour is Living Coral.   Deeper shades of this can be seen mixed with more earthy tones. Expect to see a resurgence of yellow and terracotta as a colour and style trend for 2019. This colour palette will showcase in soft furnishings such as cushions, lounge throws and bed linens.

    Furniture trends

    In 2018 reduce, reuse and recycle was the mantra which flowed colour and style trendsthrough to home styling.  The use of natural elements, especially recycled timbers, bamboo, cane, rattan and fibres such as linen and cotton, will remain a style trend for 2019.  This also fits well into the Hampton style, but can also be seen in other home designs as well.

    We are also seeing a resurgence in the retro look for furniture and homewares.  Combine this with bamboo, cane and rattan materials which are being used in both high end and recycled furniture.   Natural fibres of sisal and jute will work for floor rugs and carpeting too.

    Lighting styles trends

    style trendsPendant lights have seen a resurgence in popularity and this trend will remain this year. Expect to see polished or painted metal, glass and chrome pendants making a dramatic statement over the kitchen island bench.  We are also seeing natural fibres used in lampshades.  These include cane, rattan, jute and linen.  These all fit perfectly with coastal themed homes.

    However it is important to remember that you should always try to ensure that you remain true to your own unique style.  It is key to have your home fit in with your family’s lifestyle – not the other way around.

    If you would like to see these style trends for yourself, why not visit one of our display homes?  We have just released the Dune and Azure display home designs in Sandy Beach near Coffs Harbour.  You will find details on how to get there here.

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