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    Building on Sloping Block throughout South East Queensland and New South Wales

    Published on December 21, 2016

    Looking to build on a sloping block? Perry Homes custom and project home builder can help. We know what it takes to create beautiful living spaces that work with the contours of your land.

    With more than 25 years of building experience we understand the challenges that are faced when it comes to building on a sloping block.

    But, sloping blocks do have lots of advantages to them. Many people are drawn to these types of blocks because of the sprawling coastal or mountain views that they provide. We can work with you to capture these views, designing and building a home that maximises the vistas and works with the natural contours of the land rather than against it.

    Designing a home that works with the land, rather than trying to make the land fit the house design reduces excavation costs and expensive retaining walls. Your local council will have restrictions when it comes to cut and fill, so it is important to build with a home builder you can trust.

    We have a number of sloping block designs available to choose from, or we can work with you to custom design a home that meets your exact requirements. This service is offered FREE of charge with the nominal upfront drafting cost credited to your build costs. Designing a home to suite your site, ensures that we can make the most of the improved natural light and cooling breezes through cross ventilation.

    If you have a front sloping block, our homes designs with a garage at the lower level with the main living space and bedrooms on the upper level make the most of the views to the rear of the property. Or for a rear sloping site, you may prefer to split the bedrooms between the upper and lower levels making a designated zoned kids area.

    At Perry Homes, we understand how challenging a sloping block can often be, that is why we offer a free site inspection. So, if you are looking to buy a block of land or have already secured your site contact your nearest display home today and let us help you realise your dream home or come into hour display homes throughout NSW and the Sunshine Coast.


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