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    What is included in a quote when building a house?

    Published on September 7, 2018

    We have previously discussed all the different things you need consider, when it comes to building a house.  First you must select a block of land, followed by choosing the builder.  Then you will need to decide on the design of your new home.

    Perhaps you have not made the final decision on what company will be building a house for you.  Maybe you have been comparing a number of different companies and are waiting to receive their quote, before making the final choice.

    Here are some ideas on what to expect will be included in the building quote.   Obviously, when deciding on which company will be building a house for you, you need to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.  Remember when considering different quotes you need to compare like for like.

    Site Works:

    Unless there has been a soil and contour test completed, then it is near impossible to give a fixed quote for site works. Some companies will provide an allowance – say $15,000.  If this is the case, then when the actual cost comes in you either pay, or they refund, the difference.

    Other companies may take a guess and gamble on the actual cost coming in less.  In this situation, you do not get any refund.  Perhaps other builders, do not include anything for site works in their quote.  As this is usually a significant amount when building a house, this is one of the first items you need to check is included in your quote.

    Base House Price:

    When you are building a house, you obviously will be selecting a design which suits you and your family. If you choose a standard house design from a project builder, then they will be able to give you the base house price for that design. That is the standard price to build that home in the area of your land. However, if you want to build your own design then the cost of that will need to be calculated.

    Structural modifications:

    However, sometimes you may want to take a standard house design and alter a few things.  Maybe you want to add an extra  bedroom or extend the terrace? Again this will need to be costed and should be itemised in the quote.


    When building a house, most people want their house to stand out in the street.  The external design of a home is commonly known as the façade.  Larger builders will offer a choice of different facades to each house design.  As this can add tens of thousands of dollars to the cost, it is important to ensure that your chosen façade is included in the quote.

    External modifications:

    Sometimes, estate developers have specific guidelines of what finishes they require to your home.  Known as covenants, these guidelines may require certain external specifications.  These can include a combination of materials used, such as render, brick and cladding.   If you want a particular front door or extend the entry to include a portico – these are all modifications which may not be included in the base house price.


    Again, when building a house, most builders will have a standard list of inclusions.  It is important that you have a thorough check of this list, to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.  When comparing builders quotes, make sure you are comparing like for like.

    We know that most people building a house, like to have their own personal touches, to make a house their home.  If you have any additional requests, say a stone benchtop or a particular tap, then it is important to ensure they are included in the quote.

    Other modifications or inclusions:

    You may want to make some modifications to the electrical plan and internal fittings.  Perhaps you want the quote to include other items such as carpet, fly screens, a remote control for the garage or even a clothes line.  Don’t forget landscaping or a pool, as these are not usually included in the house price.

    As we have said before, it is really important to have a thorough look through the quote.  This is to ensure absolutely everything you want, is included.  Once you have signed the building contract, it is very difficult to go back and change something unless it is specifically mentioned in the building quote.

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