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    5 Questions to Ask Before Buying or Building a Home

    Published on February 20, 2016

    1. What is our budget?

    As you are searching around for new homes, make sure you understand what your ideal price is and what the maximum amount of money is that you will spend. By setting a budget you can quickly eliminate expensive homes that are outside of your budget range, allowing you to focus on the options that work well with what you are comfortable spending.

    2. What’s wrong with this house?

    As homes age, problems crop up all over the place. Some are small while others are more significant. Knowing what these problems are can help you to narrow down your results to ensure that you’re informed about the situations you’ll have to face when you buy a new home.

    When you build a customised home, you are going to have less problems than you will if you buy one. This means that you’ll spend less on repairs and maintenance than you would if you bought an existing home.

    3. What will need to be replaced or fixed?

    Once you know what’s wrong with a house, you can determine what will need to be replaced immediately and what can wait. Some repairs or changes are higher priority than others, like replacing windows, fixing the heating system or re-carpeting the home.

    4. Do I want a permanent home or will I need to move in ten years?

    Knowing how long you intend to live in your new home will help you to decide whether it’s worth it to buy a home or build a customised one. By purchasing an existing home, you won’t have to worry about waiting for it to finish while a newly built home will usually have a higher selling value than older, existing homes.

    5. What is the flexibility on pricing?

    It helps to know whether or not the seller or builder is flexible on the pricing. Some individuals, families and companies may be more willing to fluctuate on the price if it means getting to work with you on selling their home or building a dream home for you. While a lack of flexibility in pricing doesn’t mean they can’t be an option, it’s another characteristic to help you break a tie between choices.

    Are you ready to build a dream home or choose from many modernised options available? Give us a call at Perry Homes to pick from our extensive list of living choices across the coast. As Tweed Coast home builders, we know the ins-and-outs of the industry, the area and are experts at providing you what you want most out of a home.

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