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    What to Look for When Visiting Queensland Display Homes

    Published on June 18, 2015

    Jun 18, 2015

    Queensland display homes can be found in various locations, so try to narrow down your results based on your personal preferences, ideal location and budget.

    Read on to learn more about display homes and what to look for when visiting one.

    What is a display home?

    A display home, for most home building or renovating companies, is a “model” of one of their prominent, featured homes that they are capable of producing for any interested homebuyer. These homes are well maintenanced and are usually furnished as though someone lived there. These provide a great example for what you can expect from a specific home building company and an opportunity to see what your home might look like.

    Consider the following six questions and ideas when you visit your next Queensland display home.

    1) Notice how it makes you feel.
    You should be able to form a quick first impression upon entering the display home. Although most home builders do everything they can to make it look appealing and incentivising to every future home buyer that walks through the doors, can you picture yourself here?

    Continue to note how the home makes you feel as you explore every room.

    2) Imagine yourself living in the home.
    Do you imagine yourself using all of the rooms and spaces in the home? Do you find it lacking specific areas that meet your needs? Will your family enjoy the look and feel?

    3) How much sunlight gets into the home?
    Having natural sunlight in the home can have a number of benefits for you and your family. The positioning of the home can play a vital role in how much sunlight gets in. By noticing the amount of light that makes it inside, you can see how much thought and care went into even the smallest details.

    4) How much space is available in each room?
    Knowing how much space is available will help you determine whether or not your current furnishings will fit or if you would need to purchase new pieces. If you want to keep your current furnishings, then you may need to find a home that will ensure they can be moved in when you do.

    5) Look in every room and area.
    Take the extra time to look through all of the areas in the home, from closets to the garage to the outside of the home. While it’s easy to skip over these less-seen parts of the home, they can also help you form an educated decision on how the builders will treat even the least-used portions of the home.

    6) Know if the display home’s upgrades are included.
    Many display homes come equipped with professional interior design and other amenities or upgrades to the home. However, not all home builders will provide the same upgrades as part of their package. Ask the home builder or realtor if these are included or must be added on to the cost.

    If you have any questions about Queensland display homes or are looking to build your dream home, give us a call or contact us at Perry Homes today!

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