Feb 10, 2016

Everybody wants to increase their curb appeal. Regardless of where you live, there are hundreds of ways to raise the aesthetic quality of your home. You’ll stand out among your neighbours and feel better about your home. From simple adjustments to complicated projects, there are plenty of customisation options to improve your curb appeal.


Jan 24, 2016

As you’re adjusting to your new house, it can feel weird until the novelty begins to wear off. In some cases, this can take a few weeks until your house feels less new and foreign and more homely and personal.

Jan 18, 2016

Have you always wanted your home to look as good as the homes in the movies? Maybe you’ve seen a friend’s’ or family member's’ home and wished you could figure out how to make your home look just as good as theirs. There are many places you can go to look for inspiration to make your home look great. From online searches to books, there’s one place you can go to get the most realistic representation of a home meant to look great.

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